Customer who has lost the card approaches customer service desk at store, CSD team should enquire whether the customer has got the card from company, or they have purchased or gifted by somebody.
Head Cashier / CSD team to verify the card number and the status on available balance on the card through balance enquiry check available on the POS.
If the customer got the card from any Company to be directed to company only.
If the customer is retail customer if he is having invoice for purchase and name, mobile no. is mentioned in the invoice then, the customer can send mail directly to Store Mail ID along with the invoice for blocking. Store representative will take that mail from the customer along with the photo id.
In case the customer is not having invoice, LMR / Head Cashier should take mail from customer with the photo Id of the purchaser + the Photo ID current card holder, And with the approval of store manager, head cashier can check CRM base on mobile no. and confirm  if the customer has billed that particular card or not and get the invoice soft copy from the IT. Rs. 25/- would be charged to customer for the replacement of the card.
Process given above is only for active Retail gift cards. No requests to be entertained in case gift card is redeemed already.